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Hi, Ujas here.

Artist Ujas is a self-taught artist who comes from a Clothing background. He has a factory and his company manufactures clothes. He is a fashion designer and the director of the company too. When the whole world was at it stand-still and locked up in their comfort zones, for him the initial days were kind of fine but after a while, he had an urge to create something. He started with Drawings and Sketching. 15 years back, while schooling, he knew how to draw, but never knew how to use it paintbrush. He started with sketch pens on Paper and now it is all going on Small and Big Canvases with Acrylics. He didn’t go to any art school but says he has learned a lot from YouTube. 
He never thought of selling his artwork as he planned on hanging those paintings on his own wall. Later he started with its page on Instagram and people started liking them and started giving him orders to buy. He eventually started selling them as it gave him a great amount of joy to see others hanging his artwork on their walls. It wasn’t just about money, but it different identity was evolving within himself which he started loving. He started selling it only to selected people by checking their walls and reassuring himself if his art will give justice to their wall and ambiance. He believes that the vibe and energy that his work will create are very important to him. He was crazily obsessed with Alec Monopoly, who always inspired hits and continues to do so. He feels like there is it big gap in the field of Art for the kind of art which he is creating in India. He bridges this gap, getting inspired by Andy Warhol’s art and many other American artists.
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“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

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