Hi, I’m Ujas

Entrepreneur, and Artist. I paint pop and contemporary art from the 90’s and make your place look more happening.

Get your place customized from me.


New art pieces that match your style.

Uncle Scrooge Shops in Cartier

Dollar Splurge

Super Mario Grafetti


The Simpson Skateboard



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Just Follow your Heart and shop🤑✌
Live Life Queen Size 👸

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Chanel no.5

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen – Coco Chanel
This is a Very Special Art as the Background is made by 8-Year-Old Kids
Hand Painted Chanel No. 5 from ArtByUjas
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Daisy Duck

I just made few art previously which were kind of restricted to Boys, Thought of making one art with Daisy so It’s for the Daisies ??

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Simpsons Luxury Skateboard

💰💰 Its all About the money My Honey 🤑🤑
💲💲Bart Simpson – Starboy

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Batman and Joker

Presenting My version of
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Richie Rich and Rolls Royce

Richi rich exploring Oxford Street🤑🤑

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Super Mario Graffiti

Being a Kid in the ’90s was a thing, It was all different from the era we live in now. I remember spending time with my Video game ?? for Hours after coming back from school. I remember having that “MEDIA” Console and moving to Nintendo console and Playstation later on. Mario and Contra were my favorite games to play. When I see Mario I feel nostalgic about those days. I know you feel the same.

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These get me going.

“My family is clicking picture’s with your paintings all the time.”

“Great fab art, keep it up!”

“This art has so much positive vibes, loving it.”